September 17th, 2019  -  2pm Eastern Time

While all the buzz around IoT security is typically for consumers, did you know there's a lot of discussion in underground forums and on the dark web around compromising internet-connected gas pumps.
Trend Micro carried out an examination of dark web marketplaces in five different languages - Russian, Portuguese, English, Arabic, and Spanish. They are actively targeting the proliferation of IIoT.

This webinar is presented by cyber security experts Infineon, Lanner and ZEDEDA, who are solving real-world enterprise IoT challenges today.

Don't miss out on this discussion of:

  • The top cyber security professionals are combating unauthorized IT/OT access.
  • To harden network equipment for control systems against tampering, DoS attacks and other threats.
  • To scale and manage IIoT deployments using centralized control, visibility and protection.
  • To secure digital transformations for legacy devices using modern edge gateways.
  • To implement unparalleled e2e encryption and key handling schemes using hardware-level features.
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